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As designers and consumers alike discover the versatility of bamboo plywood and veneers, a whole range of items have sprung up for the world to see……and to buy. We at Bamboo Designer Products are aware of many of the products being designed and produced by our local Australian talent, and decided to found a marketplace for you to discover these items, along with providing an opportunity to purchase.

Bamboo plywood, as a material, offers strength and natural aesthetics similar to timber products, without the issues of deforestation, irrigation, soil erosion, and displacement of native fauna.

Moso bamboo is a variety of giant grass growing without fertilization, trimming, replanting or any particular care whatsoever. It grows abundantly in its’ natural habitat on the slopes of the mountainous territory in Anji county, China. Millions of hectares of naturally growing bamboo, soaking up carbon faster than any stand of trees ever could. The carbon gives the bamboo fibre strength. The fibres of bamboo are long; this fact also adds to its’ strength. But bamboo can also be flexible in thinner sheets – thus bending and laminating can be considered when designing with bamboo veneers. The results from utilizing these manufacturing methods along with other techniques can be found amongst our product ranges.

We trust you will embrace the products we have brought to you, and that you share our website with others.

Showcasing Australian Designers
Creating Beauty with Strength
Using Sustainable Bamboo

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